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SprayChalk 18oz Aerosol Orange Temporary Marking Chalk

SprayChalk 18oz Aerosol Orange Temporary Marking Chalk
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Product Overview

Some folks need a permanent solution, some folks require a temporary solution. Do you have fields that house different sports back to back? If so, you probably need different lines marked for each sport. This is where our DuraStripe Aerosol Chalk Spray Paint comes in super handy. Our aerosol chalk spray paint is designed to be a temporary line marking solution for athletic field maintenance professionals who have quick paint change requirements. DuraStripe Chalk Paint is 100% safe for natural grass fields and it is absolutely ideal for synthetic turf because it easily comes up after the game. Don't let temporary and easy fool you into thinking it isn't durable thought... This stuff is crazy durable. Our chalk paint sprays down with a 2 - 4" line just like our permanent aerosol paints and it looks more like paint than it does a chalk, making it almost impossible to tell that it isn't even a permanent paint. If you don't need to remove it right after the practice or game, it will eventually wear off on its own. Assuming you're outdoors, the spray chalk will wash itself away after a few good rains or with some pressurized water from a hose or pressure washer and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals for the environment. This product is perfect for anyone who needs durable but temporary field marking lines. Use it to section off areas at a golf course, or use it for direction lines in cross country or biking. Use it on natural grass, turf, asphalt, concrete, dirt or whatever surface you need, you can rest assured that you'll have a durable line that will magically vanish on it's own over time. The DuraStripe Spray Chalk is water resistant but easily comes up with excessive water and light agitation. Need to clean up the lines off pavement? Use a pressure washer and you're golden. Our chalk spray paint is a perfect solution for clubs or schools that are playing on a college or professional field and need to remove the marking lines after the game is over. Wherever need for a temporary chalk spray paint, our 18oz DuraStripe Chalk Spray Paint is the perfect product for you.

Product Cleanup

If you need to remove the chalk right after the game, we offer a chalk remover to assist with your job but if you don't need to remove the lines right away, the chalk will eventually just wear and wash away, leaving you with clean grass.

Product Highlights

Shipped as case of 12 cans. Our 18oz Dura Stripe Spray Chalk comes as an Aerosol solution that fits just about any aerosol line striper on the market that accepts a T-tip nozzle. High water resistance so it won't wash away after a single light rain.