Newstripe Newrider 5000 Airless Riding Field Line Striper

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Newrider 5000
Newstripe Newrider™ 5000 Airless Riding Field Striping Machine

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Optimal Surface

Natural Grass
Synthetic Turf

Ideal Leagues

K-12 Education
Minor League

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Track and Field
Cross Country

The Newrider 5000 Riding Field Striping Machine a true airless ride-on field striper and the first of its kind. This high-pressure field ride-on striper features a high-pressure pump that allows adjustable paint pressure application which means you save on wasted paint but get crisp, clean results every time on artificial and natural turf. The high back seat and adjustable tilt steering column mean that it's easier to operate the machine for longer periods of time without fatigue, and easier loading and unloading. Proudly made in the USA with all welded steel tube frame and industrial grade components mean dependable long-lasting service from your investment. This ride-on field line painter is the larger version of our popular 1700 ride-on field marking machine.

Newrider™ 5000 Airless Riding Field Striping Machine features:

Straighter Lines – The NewRider™ 5000 field line striper has front wheel drive with rear steering. Placing the spray gun closer to the pivot point of the machine means less movement of the spray gun compared to the movement of the steering wheel. The low seat height of just 30” and center spray head allow you to sight down existing lines or easily follow layout strings for the straightest lines possible.

Brighter Lines – Fully adjustable, 0-3000psi pump pressure. You control the perfect pressure to apply thinned or non-thinned paints. You get complete coverage of “just the turf” without injecting or smothering the soil. The result is healthier turf and brighter lines with any paint.

Consistent Line Width – The floating, front swivel caster allows the spray gun to follow ground contours while maintaining the line width for more consistent lines over rough terrain. Ease of Use – The adjustable, tilt steering column allows easy enter and exit of the machine. Seat-based operator controls for ignition, throttle, and parking brake. Foot pedals control forward/reverse, speed, spray gun activation, steering column lock and lifting or lowering the spray head.

Easy Clean UP – Onboard 2.5 gallon purge tank lets you clean the spray gun and hose in the field. The in-line filter keeps you running without clogs.

Versatile – A quick release clamp allows you to remove the spray gun to spray stencils, small curves and hard to reach areas with a 25-foot length hose.

Powerful – Powered by a Honda GX390 engine with electric start power and backup recoil, the hydrostatic trans-axle and airless spray pump.

Fewer Stops – The 50-gallon poly tank lets you stripe up to four football fields or up to seven full-size soccer fields with one filling.

Product Specifications

Newrider 5000 Riding Field Striping Machine Specifications
Not ideal for pavement striping
Drive Mode: 
Ride on
Drive Type: 
Front Transaxle, Hydrogear G7
Rear steer, adjustable tilt steering column, chain and sprocket
Power Source: 
Engine, Honda GX390
Pump Type: 
Airless, Hydraulic Diaphragm High Pressure
Pump Pressure/Max Volume: 
Airless, .44 gpm, adjustable 0-3000 psi
Spray Gun: 
Single, Airless, high pressure w/25' hose length w/detachable gun
Tip Size/Type: 
.019", 519 spray tip, max tip size .019"
Line Width: 
2" - 6"
50 Gallon Tank, 2.5 gallon purge tank
Cleaning Tank: 
2.5 gallon, onboard cleaning tank
Paint Type: 
Athletic Field Paint
Foot operated, pedals for spraying system, forward and reverse
Spray gun filter, In-line nozzle screen
Four, front 18“ x 9.5“, rear 16“ x 6.5“
105“L x 42“W x 45`H
Ship Weight: 
870 LBS

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