Graco LineLazer V 3900 2 Manual Gun Line Striper Airless Field Marker - 17H450

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LineLazer V 3900
Graco LineLazer V 3900

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Optimal Surface

Natural Grass
Synthetic Turf

Ideal Leagues

K-12 Education
Minor League

Recommended Sport

Track and Field
Cross Country
Field Hockey

The LineLazer V 3900 airless field marker is sports field stripe marker that offers the most versatile walk-behind, and ride-on attachment ready, field marking or parking lot maintenance machine.

  • Engineered to deliver maximum performance for efficient field marking.
  • Innovative technology and superior design.  
  • Highest productivity in an athletic field striping machine.

Field Marker Highlights

  • Professional, bright lines.
  • Up to 75% lower paint cost vs. aerosol.
  • Up to 50% lower paint cost vs. Competitive Low Pressure Models.
  • Finish up to 4x faster when compared with low pressure and aerosol models.
  • Sprays Thick, Undiluted Paint.
  • Spend less time measuring and mixing.
  • High efficiency Honda engine.
  • Easy Out Filter makes tip clogs a thing of the past.
  • Better comfort and control with adjustable ergonomic handle bars.
  • Paint circles and arcs or easily switch to gun and spray stencils for large solid areas.
  • Swivel front wheel locks in place for straight lines; swivels for corner kicks, arcs, circles; maneuverability over any terrain.
  • Converts from a walk behind striper to a ride-on model when configured as a Fieldlazer R300 Complete.
  • Siphons from disposable paint bucket, eliminating tank or pot cleaning hassles.

Field Marker Features

LiveLook Display with SmartControl

  • Striping Information At-A-Glance
  • Track, measure and control every aspect of your job
  • Accessible proof-of-job data from the J-Log System with USB Download
  • Consistent spraying pressure for perfect lines

Honda® GX Engine

  • Reliable, Easy-to-Start Power
  • Contractor-preferred — excellent power and proven reliability
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine to prevent damage if oil level drops too low

EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

  • Easy Gun Adjustments
  • Perfect gun alignment every time with easy-to-use guide mark system
  • 2-gun capability with QuikSelect gun selector

EZ Align Wheel System

  • Perfect Striper Tracking
  • Simple front wheel alignment, no special tools needed

DualComfort Handlebar System

  • Easy Handlebar Adjustment

QuikSelect Gun Selector

  • Simple Gun Control
  • Independently control of two guns with one lever — solid/skip

Endurance Chromex Pump

  • Reliable, Long-Life Pump
  • Industry-best pump performance — field-proven design
  • Handle the most demanding materials with long-life rod treatment
  • 4X harder than ordinary chrome

Easy Out Pump Filter

  • Easy Pump Maintenance & Less Clogging
  • Inside-out design means less mess with fewer tip clogs

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