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Aerosol Field Marking Line Striping Machine SS10

SS10 Aerosol Line Striper
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  • Designed to use inverted aerosol spray cans
  • Great for budget or quick marking needs
  • Storage bin holds up to 12 cans
  • Actuation lever on the handle

The SS10 Aerosol line striper is ideal for low-cost line striping. It features no paint tank and easy cleanup. It's great for small business parking lots or quick touch up of faded lines for those who only need to re-paint once every year or two. This product is also great for indoor use of warehouses for line marking because there is no motor to create noxious gases and potentially trouble nearby employees. Included are standard 10-inch wheels that work perfectly on any pavement surface and also accommodate various terrains such as sports fields, making our aerosol line striper a versatile product. Nozzle Compatibility Most aerosol line stripers, including this one, require a special nozzle that can be plunged from the trigger mechanism at the handle. This striper is designed specifically to handle our aerosol line striping paint but it should be fairly universal for various brands of tips. What you need to look for is a paint can with a "T tip nozzle" or similar. The nozzle protrudes out farther on two sides, giving the line striping machine something to grab onto when activating the nozzle.


  • All metal construction with folding handle and 10" rubber wheels on plastic hubs

  • Ideal for parking lot striping and Facility striping

  • Lightweight and easy to operate

  • One 18oz can will stripe approximately 250 linear feet

  • Clogged tips can be exchanged so cans can be completely emptied

  • Sturdy metal construction

  • 10-inch easy rolling wheels

  • Adjustable line width from 4" to 5-1/2"

  • Windscreen for better line edges

  • Comfortable handle height with fingertip control

  • Holds up to 12, regular size spray cans in the storage bin




Holds 1 case (12/18 oz cans) in the storage area

Line Width

Adjustable from 4" - 5-1/2"

Wheel Size


Nozzle Compatibility

T Tip Nozzle (or similar)


13" W x 43" L x 36.5" H