5 Gallon Stripe-X Artifical Turf Paint

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5 Gallon Stripe-X White

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Optimal Surface

Synthetic Turf

Ideal Leagues

K-12 Education
Minor League

Recommended Sport

Track and Field
Field Hockey

Product Overview

If you are working with an artificial turf and need a removable paint that is especially designed for synthetic turf, our Stripe-X removable turf paint is a perfect choice. It sprays on like any normal paint, but can be removed after game day to prepare for the next. With a full line of colors, you can create just about any type of artificial turf atmosphere you want and when the game is over, simply take it off. This paint is designed to go down and stay down, until you want it to come up.

We've had a lot of artificial turf maintenance professionals who see moderate to heavy field usage, put this paint down and get anywhere from multiple games to entire seasons out of it. Like any field paint, it will all depend on how the athletes abuse the artificial turf, but we have one of the most durable removable synthetic turf field paints in the industry.

Stripe-X is a water-resistant field turf paint that adheres very well to whatever surface it is applied to. This paint is designed around artificial field turf, but you can also use it on pavements where a temporary dry and durable mark is needed, but easily removed at a later time. Simply spray some of our special Stripe-X paint remover over the paint, allow it to soak in and it will cause the paint to loosen from the surface and wash away either with a pressure washer or mild agitation.

Product Contents

Stripe-X synthetic turf paint is a water based product with brighteners for bright whites and colors.

Product Cleanup

For general wet cleanup, soap and water will remove the paint from equipment and surfaces. Once the product is dry, you will need our Stripe-X paint remover which is also a water based product and safe for the environment.


Unlike chalk spray paints, the Stripe-X paint bonds to the substrate and only loosens when activated by our water based removing agent.

Available Colors

White | Black | Maroon | Navy Blue | Red | Royal Blue | Turf Green | Yellow

Custom Colors

We can make any PMS or custom color you might need. Custom colors are special order with a 30 gallon minimum requirement. Please call for custom colors +1(800) 689-2098

Standard Stock Of Colors

Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Turf Green

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