5 Gallon AquaStripe Natural Grass Color Paints

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5 Gallon AquaStripe #2B Select Bright White Concentrate

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Short Description: 
Contains extra brightners for a brighter white

Optimal Surface

Natural Grass
Synthetic Turf

Ideal Leagues

K-12 Education
Minor League

Recommended Sport

Track and Field
Cross Country
Field Hockey

Product Overview

The AquaStripe water-based line paint is one of the top ready-to-spray field marking grass paints on the market. While this paint can be used on any field type, it is a permanent paint that we recommend for natural grass fields only. Look at our artificial turf field paint if you need a removable paint that won't damage synthetic turf fields. If you do need permanent color paint for artificial turf, our AquaStripe line is a perfect solution.

Our AquaStripe color paints are among the top paints of choice for high schools, colleges and professional sport leagues across the nation and it is a great quality paint at a reasonable price. The AquaStripe color paints are the only natural grass field paint we offer with a full line of colors that are stocked and ready to ship.

As a 100% safe for natural grass paint, our paint is classified as an environmentally safe paint. The AquaStripe brand takes pride in making sure that EPA regulations for paints are met and in most cases, exceed far beyond what they need to be. You can rest assured, your grass won't turn brown from using this paint.


Max thinning rate for our standard color paints is a 1:1 ratio (1 part water to 1 part paint)

Recommended thinning rate is NOT to thin the color paints because this causes the colors to fade when sprayed on, leaving you with a dull look. Our color paints are specifically designed as a Ready-to-Spray permanent paint. If you're spraying logos, we don't recommend thinning but if you are striping yellow lines for lacrosse for example, or striping other similar boundary lines, thinning the paint will be just fine. The rule of thumb is: "If you need bright colors, don't thin. If you don't need bright colors, feel free to thin (1:1 max)."

Standard Stock Of Colors

Cardinal Red
Columbia Blue
Dahlonega Gold
Fluorescent Orange
G20 Green
Georgia Red
Golf Green
Handicap Blue
Navy Blue
North Hall Green
Old Gold
P-10 Purple
Royal Blue
Royal Purple
Vegas Gold
Wesleyan Gold
Wesleyan Green

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