5 Gallon AquaStripe Field Paint Whites

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5 Gallon AquaStripe #1 Standard White (RTS)

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Short Description: 
Economical grass field paint for the budget minded. Ready-to-Spray

Optimal Surface

Natural Grass

Ideal Leagues

K-12 Education
Minor League

Recommended Sport

Track and Field
Cross Country
Field Hockey

Product Overview

Permanent white field paints are the most commonly requested and needed paints for obvious field marking reasons. Over the years, customer have needed a wide variety of options for their permanent grass paints which is why we have such a large selection for you to choose from. We will do our best to help you understand which white paint is going to be the best for your needs but if you're in doubt or confused, you can't go wrong with our AquaStripe #2 Select Bright White. For color field paints, visit our AquaStripe color grass paints page.

Our AquaStripe line of paints are all water-based which means they are environmentally friendly and most importantly, they will not harm or brown your grass fields. Some of our whites contain xenon for extra brightness and night-time reflectivity, making those whites really pop under the stadium lights.

Product Highlights

  • Safe, proprietary water-based Acrylic Latex formula.
  • Fantastic Quality Paints with Superior Hiding, Coverage, Brightness and Durability
  • Safe to use with air-less spray machines or battery operated spray machines
  • Generally, will not settle excessively during shipping, storage or use (Some mixing may be required)
  • Safe for all natural grass variations and it will not harm or brown your grass
  • Once dry will not stain players uniforms

Understanding The Whites

Economy Quality

AquaStripe #1 Standard is a white natural grass paint, that is specifically formulated as a budget minded ready-to-spray permanent line paint. The AquaStripe #1 is perfect for club or intramural associations that need a good quality white paint without breaking the bank in the process. High schools, colleges and professional leagues can also benefit from this field paint because the low cost makes it ideal for training grounds where white field lines need to be present, but they aren't needed for game day flair. It's a great all around paint that is economical but still durable enough for mild to aggressive abuse.

Standard Quality

AquaStripe #2B is our select paint that is the most popular paint by far for larger high schools and colleges. Priced well with a great durability, this paint won't disappoint you. It is a step up in quality over our AquaStripe #1 white paint and it is fortified with XENON for extra brightness and NIGHT-TIME reflectivity.

High Quality & Space Saving

The following paints are a step up in quality over our AquaStripe #2B white paint. They are designed with a higher solid content to be more durable and have a brighter white than our #1 and #2B.

AquaStripe #4 Concentrate is a perfect choice for folks who need to save space because of its concentrated formula. With a concentrated paint, you can purchase a single bucket and go a long ways with it without having to store a bunch of buckets. (See our thinning table below for help on choosing the right ratio)

AquaStripe #4B Concentrate is the same great product as the AquaStripe #4, but it includes XENON for extra brightness and night-time reflectivity for even better whites. (See our thinning table below for help on choosing the right ratio)

AquaStripe #10 Super Concentrate is a very popular paint for schools or associations that have a very limited amount of storage space. It is essentially the same product as the #4B but it is even more concentrated to give you an even better bang for your buck. Includes brighteners. (See our thinning table below for help on choosing the right ratio)

AquaStripe #10 RTS is basically the same quality as the #4B but it comes as a "Ready-to-Spray" formula.

AquaStripe #10 VOC is a special blend designed to have ZERO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for the sensitive folks. This is a great product for indoor fields where a permanent paint is needed, but low fumes are a must and because it has zero VOCs, it is the most environmentally paint we offer. (See our thinning table below for help on choosing the right ratio)

Professional Quality & Brightest White

AquaStripe #5B is new in 2016 and it is the brightest white paint on the market. This paint was designed with field marking association professionals, for field marking professionals. This paint isn't just a little bit brighter than the competition, is is a LOT brighter than the competition, so much so that we are going to make sure the competition has to work hard, to catch up. The other stand out quality of our AquaStripe #5B is the longevity of the paint. Most paints begin to yellow after a few days. Our #5B Professional white is designed to last longer and in some cases, we are seeing up to a week of bright white before needing to re-spray. There may be an up-front cost for our professional paint, but it pays for itself in back-end longevity. Fortified with XENON for extra brightness and night-time reflectivity.


Thinning for our white paints is all dependent on the paint you choose. Some paints allow thinning where others are designed as a Ready-to-Spray (RTS) and we do not recommend thinning them. ALWAYS pour water into paint. For example, if the ratio is 3:1, pour 3 parts of water INTO 1 part of paint. If you are unclear on the whole parts thing, it's really pretty easy. Convert the part into your volume of choice. For the same 3:1 example, you would have 1 gallon of paint in a 5 gallon bucket. You would then pour 3 gallons of water into the bucket with the paint. This will create 4 gallons of total usable paint.

AquaStripe #1:
No thinning needed. Ready-to-Spray
AquaStripe #2B:
Max thinning is 1:1 ratio (1 part water to 1 part paint)
AquaStripe #4 & #4B Concentrate:
Max thinning is a 3:1 ratio (3 parts water to 1 part paint)
AquaStripe #5B
Max thinning is a 1:1 ratio (1 parts water to 1 part paint)
AquaStripe #10 RTS:
No thinning needed. Ready-to-Spray
AquaStripe #10 Super Concentrate:
Max thinning is a 4:1 ratio (4 parts water to 1 part paint)
AquaStripe #10 VOC Super Concentrate:
Max thinning is a 4:1 ratio (4 parts water to 1 part paint)

Product Cleanup

Wet Cleanup If the paint is still wet, simply spray down with plenty of water and some slight agitation. This includes your striping equipment or spillage on pavement, grass or turf.

Dry Cleanup If the paint is dry, we offer a fantastic water-based paint remover that is perfect for soaking into the dry paint and loosening it for removal. This product is ideal for cleaning striping equipment or removing paint from pavements but it is not recommended for grass or turf.

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